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2024 Teacher & Staff Appreciation

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We are thrilled to be able to honor our fantastic VHE Teachers and Staff in lots of ways this year.  Here are some ways to treat them and details about activities that the PTO is supporting.

Makers Faire:  Saturday, May 4th

Get ready to be creative! The PTO is hosting a Makers Faire on May 4th from 1 - 3:00. We are looking for volunteers to support Hedgies making art and also for items for a bake sale. Click on the buttons below to sign up to bake and/or volunteer!


Art projects will be free of charge. Some items that are marked to be worked on for teacher appreciation will stay at school and be handed out during the Appreciation Week! Art will be made in the gym. In the cafeteria there will be some less messy activities as well as the bake sale.


If you have any art supplies at home that you'd be willing to donate, you can drop items off in the office. Items we need specifically:

  • wide-mouth mason jars (24 or 36 oz)

  • sidewalk chalk

  • tissue paper

  • card stock

  • pipe cleaners

  • 8 x 10 inch frames (gently used)

Chalk the Walk:  Monday, May 6

  • Chalking the walk has long been a tradition to celebrate teachers and staff in May.  The PTO thought this would be a fun focus for kindergarten and 1st grade families, since many of the younger kids hang out at the playground after school, but the whole community is invited to participate.  There will be chalk available outside on Monday, May 6th for kids (and or adults) to write or draw inspiring messages to our wonderful teachers and staff.

Flowers:  Tuesday, May 7

  • Flowers are always a good idea!  In addition to the vases and tissue paper flowers that are made at the Makers Faire on Saturday and delivered to teachers, kids are invited to bring in any kind of bloom they'd like to their teachers!  Fresh flowers picked from the garden, paper flower sculptures, drawings of flowers, even dandelions will all give our teachers and staff a moment of joy and a celebration in VHE classrooms!  

Wear Your Teacher's Favorite Color:  Wednesday, May 8

  • What better way to celebrate the educators in our lives than with a day of fun color!  Your classroom reps will be in touch with you about your child's teacher's favorite color.  In addition to this, the PTO will be delivering Word Clouds that have been framed to each teacher as a way to celebrate their wonderful work.

Snack Cart:  Thursday, May 9

  • Students will help the PTO deliver favorite snacks to teachers during the school day.

Thank You Cards:  Friday, May 10

  • Spend some time at home writing thank. you notes to teachers (don't forget special area teachers, specialists, office staff, and so on!). On Friday, students will help deliver the notes that will be collected all week.

In addition to the activities that we have planned for kids and families to honor teachers and staff, the PTO will be providing special treats for the teachers all week.  These include themed days with lots of yummy treats and events:

  • “Thank you for everything you do ‘ROUND here!”

  • “There’s no SUB-stitute for you!”

  • “DONUT know what we would do without you!”

  • “Any way you SLICE IT, we are very grateful for you!”

  • “JUICE BOXES- they’re not just for kids!”

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