Info for Families

Learn about the 2021/22 school procedures and info HERE.  

Virtual Learning Absence Reporting

Do you need to report your student absent for a day of school? 

Please report to the school via 1 of these 3 methods:


1. Online through this attendance link in Infinite Campus:

This is the preferred method- thank you! 


2. Email Van Hise's school email address:


3. Phone Attendance Line: (608) 204-4807


Office Procedures Following COVID Protocol

Questions Answered


Arriving late? 

Enter at Door 6 (off Segoe Rd parking lot)

Fill out Student Sign In/Out form

School staff will accompany the student to their classroom.


Student needs to be picked up early?

Enter at Door 6 (off Segoe Rd parking lot)

Fill out Student Sign In/Out form

School staff will accompany the student to the entryway or to the sidewalk outside to meet up with their parent.

Please allow a few extra minutes for this process. Thank you! 


What is the process for dropping off an item my student has forgotten?

A cart will be stationed right outside the main entrance at Door 6.  

Place the item in the bin on top of the cart or place it on one of the open shelves on the cart.

Make sure the item has the student name on it. There is a pad of sticky notes/pens if you need to label the item. 


Can we enter through the doors on the Waukesha St side of the building?

Due to COVID restrictions, Van Hise students are not allowed to enter through that door when arriving late or leaving early. The doors on the Waukesha St side of the building will only be an entrance or exit at arrival or dismissal times WITH STAFF.

Below Procedures are from Pre-Covid School Days.  Please note the above changes.




All volunteers must complete the volunteer application AND BE APPROVED before they can volunteer in the classroom, on field trips, or in any other capacity. This is district policy. It is simple and done online; you will receive an email when you are approved. It is good for one calendar year, and the system will email you when you need to update your application.  Follow this link.

At A Glance...
Safe Arrival Line:

(608) 204-4807

  In-Person School Procedures

Starting time...
The school day begins at 8:40am, which means students should be in their classrooms at this time to begin the day. Students are expected to be here by 8:35 when the bell rings to line up and come in with classmates. If your child arrives at 8:40 or after, they will be tardy and should stop in the office to check in so that they won’t be marked absent and can also be counted for lunch if needed. 
Changes to end of day plans... 
If your child will be doing something other than their typical end of day dismissal plans, please call the office directly to report this. Please do not leave this on the Safe Arrival line, as we cannot guarantee that we will see an email about such a change before the end of the day to make sure your child’s teacher is aware of it. By calling the office, office staff will make sure the teacher is informed of a child going home with a friend, not riding the bus, not going to Afterschool, or being picked up by another person (especially someone not listed as a contact for your child).
Being absent...
If a child will be absent, parents can report it in one of several ways. The easiest is to call the Safe Arrival line at 204-4807. This is checked a few times each morning up to about 9:30am. You may also enter an absence in Infinite Campus yourself. At the district web site, choose For Families, then Attendance, and then Reporting an Absence. Here is the link: You can email the teacher as well, but it is not necessary as attendance is managed by the office. If you do email the teacher, please copy Miss Ann since she handles attendance and sometimes teachers don’t see an email about an absence. Miss Ann’s email is These are all ways to let us know if a child is coming late following an appointment as well.
Planned absences... 
If your child will miss school for a planned event such as a wedding, family event, or perhaps a trip, you must complete a Planned Absence Request form. This is either the yellow form we have in the office, or you can do it online, following the steps above for attendance and then choosing For Vacations, Trips, etc.  Follow this link: 
You do not need to use this form for appointments; you can send a note to the teacher about those, or you can call Safe Arrival to report them.