PTO-sponsored after school enrichment classes are usually offered over 4 sessions throughout the year.


For the 2020/21 school, we will not be conducting a first session but will consider options for virtual clubs during during session 2 if we are still in virtual learning at that time. If the learning plan changes as the school year progresses, we will assess our options and make an announcment.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the After School Classes Coordinator.

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How do I register a student?
What if I am unable to register online?
How do I pay for class?
Can I still register after the deadline?
Are scholarships available?
I registered my student/s.  What happens next?
Can I register more than one child at the same time?
My student participates in Wisconsin Youth Company After School Program.  Can s/he also participate in After School Classes?
What happens if I am late picking up my student?
What happens if my student is absent from school or needs to miss a class for another reason?
Do After School Classes meet on No School or Early Release Days?
When are After School Classes cancelled due to inclement weather?

What if I have a question that isn't addressed here?

Please direct additional questions to an 

After School Coordinator.

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