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Box of Crayons

Staff Appreciation

The first week of May is the week we traditionally celebrate Staff Appreciation Week at VHE.


Throughout the year, the PTO Board has organized monthly appreciation activities to share our gratitude for the additional work and stress involved with returning to in-person learning during the pandemic and to boost morale.


This May, we'd like to end big with a grand finale of weekly activities to show our love and gratitude for our exceptional staff.


There will be a different activity planned each week. Look for the weekly activity announcement on Sunday afternoons. The good news is that you'll have all week to participate in the weekly activity. There will be many ways to show your love and appreciation for staff. Participate as you are able!

Week of May 2-6: Our Staff are Noteworthy

    When we ask staff what they enjoy the most, they report that it’s these simple yet heartfelt gestures that touch them most deeply. Stories of how they have impacted your or your child’s life are especially meaningful. You may send notes/pictures in backpacks (labeled clearly for the intended recipient) or drop them off at the office.

    There will be chalk out near the main entrance and the breezeway all week for kids and parents to leave shout outs and other cheery and supportive messages for staff. Set some time aside before or after school to leave a message! Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be great days to come as there is rain forecasted for Tuesday and Thursday. One simple idea: make an outline of your child, let them color it in and add a speech bubble with message. Be sure to add a first name and grade!

    This fund will cover treats, small gift cards, chair massages and other surprises for staff throughout May. If you prefer, you may send in cash or check (payable to VHE PTO) in an envelope marked VHE PTO by Friday, May 13.


Week of May 9 - 13 

Thanks for Helping us Bloom - bring a flower for teachers/staff (one stem) to show your gratitude.


Week of 16 - 20:

Thanks Are in the Cards - We’ll purchase gift cards (using Staff Appreciation Fund contributions) to distribute to all staff with a Thank You Care and sweet treat. 


Week of 23 - 26 (no school May 27):

We Take Care of our Staff - Staff will be treated to Chair massages on Fri May 27, Professional Development Day and an afternoon snack break (check back later for a sign up to contribute snack items).

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